Your Time is Now

It is time to make action plans


    • Make up your mind about what really matters to you
    • Choose a way to go; map out a pathway forward
    • Consider the options and settle on something…
    • Actively work on your dreams


Help other people regularly – take breaks from your own work & do something to make sure other people’s dreams are coming true too.

Share your dream & ideas with other people. Ask your friends, family & even people that you have just met to help! Draw your plans out in a way that will guide you and help you know what to do. Plan how you will take little steps forward.

Put your faith on

      • Decide to believe that things will go well & that you will succeed!
      • Make up your mind to persevere, even when challenges come your way.


If at some stages you are unsure about what decision to make, role a dice and try the result you land on:
1. Delegate
2. Go for it fully
3. Draw your plan
4. Help someone else
5. Take one small step
6. Have a sleep