Many of us have been asking, ‘Where am I going with my life?’

If I don’t want to follow where this world is leading,
Then what will I do?
Who will I become?
What do I have to offer?

You are not alone!
It is time to figure that path out.
Together we can build the lives we want.
Let’s make a plan & action it…

Now is our time. You cannot rest on your chuff anymore. 
Identify your own path. Then combine together with likeminded spirits. 
The world is waiting for you. Your world is waiting. Be the Solution.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

In 1943 a dude named Maslow wrote what is now a well renowned psychological theory known as ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs’. Psychologists, teachers & lots of other social theories draw on this concept, & since it has come up in our Solutions meetings I’m going to talk to the topic –

Maslow stated that people are motivated to achieve certain needs & that some needs take precedence over others. Our most basic need is for physical survival, & this will be the first thing that drives our behaviour. Once that level is fulfilled the next level up is what spurs us on.

How to respond when your platform is removed

When your physiological needs (food, water, warmth, rest), & core personal sense of grounding (security & safety) are compromised. & even your belongingness & love needs (intimate relationships & friends) are under strain – then you need to come back to self-actualisation. You need to become more aware of who you are. Let go of the programming, the news media, & research you are doing that makes you feel concerned.

Then see your own true self. You will need to go on a journey to rediscover that, reaffirm yourself regularly & have other people in your world who back you. I want you to believe right now that you are fully capable of greatness. That does not necessarily mean that you have prestige, but it does mean that you can achieve what is important to you & learn to feel strength in your inner being; to have a drive beyond money & the feelings of toil that can come about when you com back to basic & safety needs. Everything is being tested now, but reinvest in your identity & making choices, taking action & travelling the path that really matters.


+ Know who you are
– Know who you are not
= Foundational precepts of Common Lowe in my underst&ing are:
1. Do no harm 
2. Be honourable in your contracts
3. Do not trespass upon anybody’s property

Design thinking

Design starts with an issue/problem. Don’t get stuck on the problem though!! You need to write a Brief early on.

Sub groups

I’m going to ask you to come together with others. I’m putting trust & confidence in you; asking you to believe you are enough – just accept that you have what it takes to make a difference. You don’t have to be the best, some of us who are ‘qualified’ have been disregarded at this time from society, most of us never felt like we knew enough anyway, but just do it! Find other people, grab ahold of a vision, get creative & take action.


Don’t do this on your own. My friend Peter Wilson has encouraged me to find five people that I can trust. Secure the link, & know how to get in touch with them if you are need to – whether in desperate times, emergency, for support or to unravel a vision. You need each other. My suggestion is that you work on aligning in your beliefs, values, vision & priorities in some way. So that there is strength in your unity.

Energy Management

I’m going to close with a heed for you to pace yourself.
Over the past three weeks up until just a few days ago I was moving every minute.
Driving from city to town, picking up items, delivering, networking, helping & supporting others.
But there is a point where we need to get more productive. The first thought regarding this is think far bigger than you have been trained to. Filter with a massive thinking on, so you can see the enormity of your challenge alongside the need to get other people involved. United we stand, in unity we can build the world we want. It’s a challenging combination or rest, investigation, planning, creating, & evaluating where we’ve been, where we are & where we are going.
Just believe, be kind to yourself, & find others to join in the adventure. We are greater than we think we are…

+ Action time…
+ Let’s get inspired.
+ Let’s build our future.

The first phase in our community’s development is to empower creativity.
Every single one of us can think creative & innovative thoughts

It is a great idea to grab hold of your gifts, talents, & passions

Think creatively, think innovatively, find out what you can offer, & get a picture of how this could become useful in a community
You need to think differently to what you thought before. You need to see that you have more capabilities that you ever understood