Creative Etymology

[origin of words creativity and creation and their meanings]

The modern usage of the term ‘creation’ has strong links to the book of Genesis in the bible. ‘The Creation’ is regarded as an act of God to bring the universe and all life on earth into existence.
The term is strongly linked to the context of a higher authority or godly power who uses words and spiritual energy to speak new realities into existence.

In modern civilisation, the words ‘creation’ and ‘creativity’ are most commonly associated with abstract thinking, and expressed through visual arts, music and theatre. However, long before society began to recognise ‘the arts’ formally, creativity has been observed and linked to the idea of ‘child play’, where children express themselves with open creativity and enjoy learning through experimentation.

Creativity has commonly been associated with the notion of ‘freedom’; expression and the right to be, or exist without restraint.