Sustainable Building

Sustainable building is our gift to the South. It’s an ongoing experiment, where we teach other people about what’s possible. We can use industrial waste from bigger projects to make cute little buildings, & one day a castle..

Here are some floors made from off-cuts of concrete boxing timber. In the background you can see two sheds clad with steel leftovers from a building development.

Floor, wall offcuts & old bits of polystyrene can still be used too.

We can even line & clad buildings with waste plywood.

We have made a few buildings out of old fridges too.

Our dream is to build a beautiful castle out of industrial waste.

Piles of leftovers are inspiring people to truly think about how to make best use of the world’s resources.

Please phone Stevey if you have timber, plywood & other building materials on your site.
MOBILE: 020 4444 221