What to Do

The process of creating a new movement begins by recognising how a situation needs to be improved. We make traction by identifying problems and deciding to have a go at fixing them..

We have to understand who is involved, the issues they face. We also need to understand what is going well for them!

For example: A group of parents might agree that their children are not learning enough at school. They decide to work together, study and understand the school curriculum, then combine their knowledge to create new resources for learning. When enough design work has been done, that creation movement can be trialled, improved, then expanded into the community and beyond.

Creative movements involve design thinking, decision making, and collaborative action.
They start by uniting a group of people together who agree to solve an issue.
A creation movement can operate informally or through an established organisation. The initiative starts by solving a need using the resources available. The movement first develops phase by phase within a community (rather than relying on corporate investment, large scale production or ‘rulers’).