We all have a purpose.

Purpose sits deep within us.

Passion, gifts & ideas..

Our togetherness & creativity is profoundly more powerful than a need to fight.

The opposition is nowhere near as powerful and threatening as we imagine.

Life has been granted to us.
Today we are fully alive.

Now we need to stand, & make use of our life.

You are great & powerful – YES YOU!
You are extraordinary & you have gifts..

You are the opposite of that dark thought that lingers in your memory.

You’re the fire that is yet to be fully stoked. REACH OUT

• What is the opposite of a problem? = a solution

• Who are the opposite of a minority? = a majority

• What can we create?
• What are we capable of?
• Who can we step forward with?
• How can we realise our visions?
• How can we build teams & mobilise the community?
• How can we best mobilise enthusiastic people & society at large?
• How can we design, develop & live out healthy, sustainable lives?
• In what order should we do things, where, with whom, when, & how?
Our Opportunity
We are meant to come together with common purpose.
You & I have deep inner drives to design, develop, action & sustain something.

So we should do it!
• What are we here for?
• How do we do this?

We should speak out & step up.
Filter that hoarding desire, think about what we have collected & where they are most useful….

Instead of walking alone, battle it out.

Look for the best thing to do..

What we need is a worthwhile cause, agreement, direction, hope, trust, growth, great feelings of peace.
We need the keys you have.

We need to unlock new pathways.

We need worthwhile reasons to go on this journey together!

Togetherness matters.

* This is about being.
* This is about believing that we can go to the places that we desire.

* This is about inhabiting the spaces that we desire.
* This is about love.
* This is about focus.

* This is about figuring out how we can get there & stay there with our team, with our health; step by step without falling over or needing to focus intensely on survival.
It’s also about figuring out how to grow that which is in our future reach.

We won’t see how to build some things now, because that way is to be revealed when we are closer to it..


We need to learn how to live love NOW!

The way that we will do that is by creating, inhabiting & sustaining the lives that our communities and those we can touch need.

+ Let our perspectives cross paths & merge
+ Feel your spiritual journey
+ Feel life deep inside
+ Unite together