Moving in creativity requires ‘positive action’. It is grounded in hope. It works by being visionary and creating solutions.

A new movement starts when people reach out to inspire each other on a local level; then do something together – no matter how humble the beginning is..

A creation movement brings people together in unity to actively solve local and global needs.
It disrupts existing social norms, markets, mainstream ways, and corporate agendas by focusing on solving local and global issues.
The movement brings new ways to do life and get jobs done. The mission is to come together to provide alternative ways of living. Key components in this are freedom and creativity. People need freedom to move, be inspired, and develop what they choose.

Being united in positive action is key! Creation can happen on any scale. Action in the creation movement spirit could be the power of two people working together in harmony, four people actively developing what they envisage..or an entire region uniting together for a cause!