Creative Paradigm
• An open state of being
• Thoughts, images and sensations
• Imaginative thoughts you have when awake or asleep…

STEP 1: Understand old ways or processes with the view to improve.

[ Be an optimist who wants to make things better ]

Rest, be calm, hear.

Step into a place where you are safe; where you feel at peace. Remember the last time you felt most relaxed and calm. Let go of all the expectations you have for yourself, and that you sense other people have of you. Forget about what you think other people are thinking. Don’t worry about the ‘why’ questions.

Then set out to listen. Become extremely still within yourself. Dream about what it means to be loving. Choose to care. Imagine being surrounded by bright colours, big things, success & having your true heart’s desire. Write in a diary or journal.

+ Brilliant visions…

Visualising is about hearing and seeing what is in your heart; listening, learning, and discovering.
It is a great idea to reflect, write, draw, model, organise, and add to your thoughts.

‘Journaling’ is a reflection process that anyone can use to understand more about themselves and the world around them, and to communicate their ideas to others. Our best ideas often come when we are most relaxed and able to tune in to what is really important.

To jot down what you foresee – you can use pencils, pens, and sticky tape to write, draw, and organise life plans, or you can journal on a computer…