Contact Stevey to make arrangements for selling your stuff

MOBILE:  020 4444 22 1 [ Stevey Chernishov is the Garage Sale organiser ]

EMAIL:  solutions@southern.nz

We are treating this event like a huge ‘market day’. Only, you can bring furniture, large items, your unwanted junk, clothes, your car, tools, or anything to sell! It can be common stuff, or could be extremely valuable.

We are setting up in a paddock to sell unwanted items. 

Your challenge: To spend at least three hours cleaning out your property. Then load all unwanted items into the car, onto a trailer, fill a truck, whatever! Then come to 144 Hayward Street on Saturday afternoon & set up a stall!

Come Sunday morning, whammo! The Southland Times, Southland Express, Social Media Events pages expose our garage sale address & boom – we start cleaning up & cashing up!

The vision: Go minimalist. Just get rid of things you don’t need, & make some money on the day. Look for items from other Solutions members (buy from them or trade). Then afterwards, do a rubbish tip trip to clean up..