Overnight Party in Lumsden
Saturday 5th August 2023

Come for a mini holiday – stay in Lumsden for the Art Show & Innovation themed party

From 4pm Saturday until 4pm Sunday

We will discuss ideas, & how talk more about our massive capacity to do good as we walk creatively, intuitively & with an open heart for great solutions to work through us. 

At the party, Stevey will show you the buildings created at ‘Building Week 2022’. We will talk about how to activate faith & work together with others to unfold brilliant Solutions.

Bring your sleeping bag, a bunch of enthusiasm, family & friends & some food. 
You can exhibit a piece of art or sculpture on site – put your price tag onto it, or trade for another artwork!

Register Here:
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How many will be coming with you (including yourself)..
Where would you like stay while at the Solutions Innovation & Art Show Party?
What I'm thinking of cooking to share in the evening meal..

Stuff to pack:

  • Blanket
  • Gumboots or wet weather footwear
  • Jacket, hat, gloves (warm clothing)
  • Fold up chair
  • Headlamp or torch

Food to bring:

  • Plates of food to share (if coming for whole day bring plates of food for morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea)
  • We will need to prepare for an evening meal, food for the party, & breakfast for those staying overnight.